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Change my vehicule

What can I do with my old vehicle?

If your vehicle does not meet the access criteria for the low-emission zone, you have various options:

  • Scrap the vehicle at an approved centre: if you decide to replace your old vehicle, we encourage you to scrap it at an approved centre. By scrapping the old vehicle and not registering another vehicle for at least a year, you may receive the Bruxell’Air grant.
  • Sell the vehicle (but not on the second hand market in Brussels).

I am planning to purchase a second-hand vehicle. How do I know if I am allowed to drive in the LEZ?

If you purchase a second-hand vehicle, be certain to check its EURO standard. 

Check the registration documents of the vehicle (see question "How can I find out what EURO standard my vehicle has?"). Otherwise, check the vehicle's date of first registration. Bear in mind that the strictest conditions apply for diesel vehicles.

Finally, there a simulator at your disposal. In a few clicks, it will let you find out the last date on which your vehicle will be able to drive within the low emission zone.

I am going to purchase a new vehicle. How can I be sure that i will be able to drive in the LEZ?

In principle, all new vehicles meet the EURO 6 standard and so, always have access to the LEZ. In general, it is advisable to purchase the least polluting vehicles, such as electric vehicles or vehicles that run on natural gas, hydrogen or even petrol. Petrol vehicles are less polluting than diesel vehicles. You will, for example, be able to drive a Euro 3 petrol vehicle until 2025. The strictest conditions are reserved for diesel vehicles. Please contact your dealer, who will be able to advise you and guide you on the best choice depending on your budget, or use the online simulator which will tell you the last date on which the vehicle will be able to drive within the LEZ.