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Mobility in Brussels

Which alternative mobility options will the Brussels Region make available?

By walking, cycling, car sharing and using public transport, it is possible to travel extensively in and around Brussels.


The Brussels Region's bicycle network is constantly expanding, making it easier to cycle its streets. Discover the available itineraries on the cycling map of the region and get advice for switching to this means of transport.

You don't have a bicycle?

The Brussels Region is equipped with a shared bicycle network (Villo!). "BlueBikes" are also available at Brussels' main train stations.

You can also test an electric bicycle for 4 months with ProVelo and buy it if you are convinced. More info on Pack4bike.

Do you feel like cycling around Brussels but don't know how or where to start?

Sign up for the BikeExperience and meet a coach who will accompany you on your daily rides and share his or her tips and tricks with you.

If you don't know how to ride a bicycle or if years have passed since you last used one, Pro Velo organises cycling lessons for adult beginners.

Public transport 

The Brussels Region urban public transport service (STIB) operates many bus, tram, and metro lines. The STIB also offers very attractive pricing plans depending on your age and profile, such as:

Type of plan

Age and conditions

Annual price


  • Under 6 years old
  • (max. 4 children under 6 per adult)


J Plan

  • From 6 to 11 years old


(requires a Mobib card - €5)

Pupil/Student Plan

  • From 12 to 24 years old
  • day and evening education
  • students over 18 years old must provide a school certificate

Only STIB network:

  • €50 for the 1st child;
  • €50 for the 2nd child.
  • Free for all additional children

STIB, DE LIJN, TEC, and SNCB networks, only within the Brussels Region:

  • €90 for the 1st child,
  • €90 for the 2nd child
  • €40 for all additional children

BIM Plan

  • Have BIM (bénéficiaire d'intervention majorée) status recognised by mutual benefit societies, military veterans or equivalent

Under 64 years old: €85

65+ years old: free

S Plan

  • No age limit
  • live in the Brussels Region
  • be assisted by a Brussels CPAS (public social welfare centre) and receive the basic minimum living allowance or equivalent


65+ Plan

  • Be 65 or older



  • No eligibility requirement


MTB Plan (i.e. STIB, DE LIJN, TEC, and SNCB networks, only within the Brussels Region)

  • No eligibility requirement



You can find information on all the different STIB plans here.


SNCB also provides numerous transport solutions in the Brussels Region via its rail network, with a high number of train stations located in the region. SNCB's S network (suburban train service) is also available.

In addition, SNCB offers free or reduced-fare tickets for specific conditions or travel periods (age, large families, job seekers, BIM status, sales, field trips, etc.). You can find information on all the different ticket prices here.

Different trains stations have available parking lots, shared bycicles (Bluebike) that are located close to a carsharing station (Cambio) or are easily accessible by public transport.

The Walloon public transport service (TEC) and its Flemish counterpart (DE LIJN) also have bus lines to Brussels, as well as special pricing depending on age and/or socio-economic conditions.

Car sharing 

As an alternative to individual car ownership, there are several operators of car-sharing services (Cambio, ZenCAR, Ubeeqo, DriveNow, ZipCar) and moped-sharing services (Scooty).

Some of these services operate via permanent stations, while others prefer "free-floating" solutions, which means that cars can be picked up and dropped off on-streets (as long as this complies with the operator's rules). You can compare the different systems to find out which one is most suitable for your needs.

Some of these services also offer solutions for young drivers or allow young drivers who have had their driving licence for at least a year to rent a vehicle (subject to certain conditions).

Other initiatives include Cozycar, CarAmigo and Drivy, which online platforms allowing you to rent or share a car from peer-to-peer.

You may also consider carpooling to enter and travel around the Brussels region. Always make sure you share a car that meets the LEZ access criteria. There are various carpool platforms to find sharing partners: or


Taxis are another solution for your travel needs. There is also the shared taxi system Collecto, which is available every night (between 11.00pm and 6.00am) and offers a cheap rate. Using the Splyt application from Taxis Verts, you can also share your taxis with other people and thus save money.

For people with reduced mobility, there are almost a hundred taxis designed to carry people in wheelchairs. Click here for information on this service.

In addition, under certain conditions, you can benefit from the Region's taxi vouchers, which can be obtained from your local authority. These vouchers are intended for elderly or disabled people on a WDRO income (widows/widowers, people with disabilities, retired people and orphans). Full information on these taxi vouchers is available here.

There is also the STIB TaxiBus service, which is a door-to-door transport service provided on request and intended exclusively for people with disabilities.