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Allowance to replace a polluting commercial vehicle

Will your commercial vehicle soon no longer be able to travel in the Brussels-Capital Region, which has become a Low Emission Zone (LEZ)? Benefit from the aid of up to €3,000 to replace a light commercial vehicle in category N1.

Who can benefit from this allowance?

Companies that meet the following conditions:

For which project?

You can benefit from an allowance for the replacement of light commercial vehicle (N1) registered in the Brussels-Capital Region and which will soon no longer be allowed to travel in the Region.

The investment must:

  • Have a necessary link with the company’s activities;
  • Be recorded as fixed assets in the annual financial statements (legal entities) or in the depreciation table (natural persons);
  • Relate to a new vehicle: second-hand vehicles do not give the right to an allowance (with the exception of those acquired from a professional whose activity involves the sale of such vehicles);
  • Certain types of investment are not allowed: sumptuary, export-related, for rental, etc.

Replaced vehicles

The investment must comply with the following conditions:

  • The replaced vehicle complies with the following standards:


Fuel and standard*2

2019 - Diesel vehicle 3 / III standard

2020 and 2021

- Diesel vehicle 4 / IV standard

- Petrol or natural gas vehicle standard Euro II / 2

2022, 2023 and 2024

- Diesel vehicle standard 5 / V, 5a or 5b

- Petrol or natural gas vehicle standard Euro II / 2


*1 The year to be taken into account is the year of the day you send your request.

*2 The Euro standard is indicated on the vehicle registration document.

Purchased vehicles

The purchased vehicle must meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered in the Brussels-Capital Region (except in the case of leasing);
  • Meet the European emission standards applicable to new vehicles placed on the market at the time of the decision to grant the aid;
  • Be of category N1;
  • not equiped with a diesel engine.

What is the amount of this allowance?

This aid consists of a premium of 20% of the eligible expenses with a maximum of €3,000 per replaced vehicle.

A company can benefit from an allowance for a maximum of three vehicles per period.

For more information and to apply for an allowance, click here.

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