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Day pass

My vehicle is allowed into the LEZ using a paid-for day pass; how does that work? 

Vehicles which do not meet the access criteria of the LEZ may enter the Brussels Region by purchasing a day pass. The cost of the pass is €35 per day. Warning, the day pass has to be bought before your visit. It is only valid for the date for (or on) which it was bought, until 6 AM the next morning. 

A maximum of 8 calendar days’ day pass to the Region is authorised per year and per vehicle. Once the 8 days have been used, the vehicle must comply with the access criteria. At the beginning of each year, the vehicle will have a further 8 days of travel by purchasing the pass.

Vehicles registered abroad may also purchase this pass. To do so, vehicles must first register.


To purchase your paid-for day pass, click here. You will be asked to provide data relating to your vehicle. 

The day pass is non-refundable, make sure that all the information are correct before purchasing it.


You can purchase the day pass using :

  • Visa, Mastercard, Bancontact
  • Your credit card and you digipass / card reader
  • The Bancontact app
  • Certain bank app (KBC, etc)


 Download the Bancontact app on Google Play


 Download the Bancontact app on the Apple Store



If you want to know on which date you have bought a day pass or how many days are still available regarding your vehicle, you can use the online purchase form. With the data regarding your vehicle, the online form will provide you with the needed information.